Friday, March 06, 2009


One of my favorite music charts columnist Fred Bronson had his has last Chart Beat column today. I really feel sad about this since 2005 it has been a habit for me to read his column every week as I am always fascinated with chart movement, analysis, trivia and facts. Last year, I had my 3 seconds of fame haha when he chose my e-mail for Chart Beat Chat. I even bought his book even though it was quite expensive for me last year. I don't know what will happen to Chart Beat since he did not announce if there will be a successor but he might announce it tomorrow when the last edition of Chart Beat Chat will be posted. I always look up to him along with Paul Grein of Yahoo Chart Watch because they are the living proof that my fondness for music charts is not that "odd" after all, and most importanly that you could make a career out of this. I hope Chart Beat continues and whoever will replace him be as good as him.
The title refers to Bronson's reference on his last column that in basic journalism the symbol -30- signifies that the end of an article and that "nothing follows".

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