Sunday, March 08, 2009

It Will...

Tomorrow is the start of another work week. I'll admit it: I'm bored with my job. I don't want to feel this way that's why I was trying to keep myself from blogging about this but then again I want to be honest and release this. However, I will not give up easily and will just dismiss what I am feeling and will make this work. I will not resign. I will set a goal. I do see a future with this job. My problem with my work, boredom, is so trivial compared to the bigger problems employed people have. Plus, a lot of people have lost their jobs recently due to the economic crisis the world is experiencing so I should not be this whiny guy about his job just because he finds it boring. The company is great, the management treat us good, my co-workers are nice, I have a health card already and pays good for an entry level employee so there is no room for complaints, right?
But I have to say this: I am feeling this because I miss doing something creative. I miss looking forward to something I worked hard what I had in college when I look forward for every new issue of the school paper, the outcome to a TV production we did or even how I fared on an exam.Here I go again, still reminiscing the past. Maybe its because it is the graduation season that's why my nostalgia fits are hitting me again haha.
I will work out my problem with work, it's not a big issue anyway, just a manifestation of my immaturity. This is just a phase, I will find my "groove".

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