Friday, May 30, 2008


I'm currently reading three books. Yes THREE books, salit salitan haha. First is PEKSMAN (mamatay ka man) Nagsisinungaling Ako [at iba pang kuwentong kasinungalingan na di dapat paniwalaan]
What a long title right? This is written by UST Creative Writing professor Eros Atalia. The style of the book is like Bob Ong as the author relays his tounge-in-cheek views on Pinoy life. This is really a fun read although he tends to be judgmental at times.
The next is Bagets: an anthology of Filipino Young Adult Fiction published by the UP Press. The book is divided into two parts, the Filipino stories and the English stories. I like the Filipino stories more but it does not mean that the English stories are bad. I like the selection of stories it ranges from family conflicts, self actualization, of course love life haha and growing up. This is a light read but the heart is there.
Lastly I'm also reading Kellybites the Book yes by my favorite radio DJ, Kelly. This is a collection of poems and other words of wisdom lifted from DJ Kelly's blog. The book is a bit expensive but it has a purpose since the proceeds will go to Project Brave Kids, an organization who helps children who have cancer.
You'll love the way DJ Kelly writes, she uses simple words yet the way she constructs the sentences will pull your heartstrings. You will somehow see a piece of yourself in one of her writings. Its like DJ Kelly has put to words some of the emotions you are feeling all along but could not express freely.

This is one of the stuff that I enjoy being a bum haha. You know having a lot of free time to read books. Last school year was so hectic I hardly had time to read books for leisure.


aajao said...

lol. "bagets". haha.. i wanna know your impression about the book after you read it. wala lang. because BAGETS was very popular in our time. that time i wasn't one (bagets) yet but definitely naabutan ko yun. :D

forg/jecoup said...

Kuya Jon are you referring to the movied BAGETS?

Yung binabasa ko pong book na bagets hindi po based dun , collection po yung short stories for young adults :D

aajao said...

not necessarily the movie. actually yung pinaka-essence ng word na "bagets". oh well.. hehehe

forg/jecoup said...

ah I see haha my mistake haha.

Tapos ko na po basahin, mas gusto ko yung stories in Filipino kasi mas may variety ng topics.

Pero maganda yung pagkasulat hindi mababaw pero hindi ganun ka deep na mahirap intindihan ng isang bagets hehe