Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Second Chance and Last Look

Remember when I won in the contest of Campus 99.5 's Weekend Top 20 @ 12 two weeks ago? My prize was forfeited because I failed to claim it however last Friday I joined again and WON for the 2nd time. Haha. I hope it will not rain on Thursday so I could go to Paragon Plaza and visit the Campus 99.5 booth already.
I finally finished reading Harry Potter book 7. I bought the book last November 2007 pa but got so busy with school that I essentially forgot to finish reading the book hahaha. Now that I have free time I was able to finish the book at long last. Here are my thoughts:


I did not like the epilogue that much, I was craving for something more and not just who ended up with who (it was obvious anyway). I like the Battle of Hogwarts, wonderfully written and I'm curious how it will be played out in the movie. I liked the book but ranked third only on my all time favorite HP book (#1 is Prisoner of Azkaban followed by Goblet of Fire). There were so many deaths in the book, but I was affected the most with the death of Dobby, the free Elf *sniff*
I like how my favorite character which is Neville Longbottom played a pivotal role in the final book. Neville rocks! The final showdown between Harry and You-Know-Who was a bit anti climactic and resembles a classic Filipino action movie wherein before the protagonist and antagonist kill each other they will have a long conversation muna, haha.
Snape's story was engaging but basically he is a guy with unrequited yet neverending love. Mushy but it worked. And yeah Dumbledore being gay actually made sense.
Over all, 'Deathly Hallows' was successful in wrapping up the 7 year journey of Harry Potter and friends. I started reading HP as a fresh graduate from grade school and finished reading it as a fresh college graduate. I will not call HP the greatest work of literature of all time but this is definitely one remarkable and unforgettable book series.

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