Monday, May 12, 2008

I Love KC

I was so nostalgic today. An integral part of my childhood was listening to the radio. Yes, as a child I stay indoors most of the time because I always get sick. And well I spent my childhood with home-based past times, there's television and reading local komiks. But one of the special things I enjoyed doing was listening to the radio and my all time favorite station is 93.9 WKC "We are Family". The station was catered to the so-called masa audience but they are not the kind of masa station that we have now. 93.9 WKC was wholesome and cute and very child- friendly to say the least. Some of the DJs have 'sidekicks' which are very 'cartoonish' with some derived from the "Sesame Street Characters" which includes my personal favorite, The Count, who hosted the music countdown of the station of course. The Count, I guess is the one to blame why I became a chart geek :D
I really adored this station. I always listen to it whenever I can.And dreamed that someday I could work for the station.
In early 2000, the station reformatted to become 939 KC FM and recruited popular DJs Chico and Delamar of RX 93.1 that is when the station became an upscale station. This happened during my early teens and the reformatted KC still won my heart and became my favorite station once more even though they are now in a new format. I love the programming of the station, very listener friendly and not pretentious. KC still retained their charm. This was the logo of the 93.9 KCFM:

But on May 15, 2002, 93.9 KC FM had its final airing. And you know what, even though this is embarassing to admit, I cried during their last day. It was really a sad day, I remember I was tuned in the all day from Chico and Delamar's farewell to the last show which ended around 6 pm. The last song played was "Goodbye" by the Spice Girls. After that, it was an end of an era for me. I was really attached with KC, since I really grew up with this station. A few months after, 93.9 became the home of iFM, a masa station in the mold of the top-rater 90.7 Love Radio.
I admit I hated that station to death but as years pass by I accepted it. KC FM will not comeback. I'm not a fan of iFM, I guess will never be, but I don't hate it. That's life as they say and they provide employment and some people enjoy their station. But not me. Maybe I'm bias haha.
I still became a radio geek especially countdowns but no station ever replaced 93.9 WKC/KC FM in my heart.
Every time May 15 comes near I will always remember the last days of KC FM. Like today, we are three days shy to the 6th "death anniversary" of KC FM. And well this morning I was browsing the friendster accounts of some of today's DJs and I thought of searching for the accounts of former KC FM jocks and I did it by using the search by company function of Friendster and well I found the account of Vincent Garucho/VinzG, a former DJ of DWKC's two eras. I send him a private message expressing how I missed the station and gave him the link of the "Anyone Still Remembers KC FM?" thread I made at
And guess what after a few minutes HE REPLIED! And what's even great is that he registered at PinoyExchange and posted in the thread and we sort of chatted with him for about two hours in the thread, we were reminiscing about the good ol days of WKC/KC FM and what they are doing right now. He even shared some pictures! And I like this one that he posted in the forum:

I guess it's safe for me to say in behalf of the WKC air crew THANK YOU! You've made our jobs... those late late nights, holiday-less days, long work-filled weekends and taxing mall tours all worth while. hehehe. It was more fun and play than actual work with people like

I feel so happy that I was sort of instrumental for him to realized how KC FM and the people behind it left a significant impact to a lot of people. DWKC may be gone but it will never be forgotten.

Check this out:
That was the old website of 939 KC FM.
Big thanks to whoever preserved the website.


aajao said...

lol. i hated DWKC. :p
well, it's too "lively" for my type. :D

Edmond said...

Dude, bow ako sa ginawa mo!

I was lurking at the KC thread and astig, yesterday nga was the liveliest it has been in all its existence!

Rafael said...

Blame it on Love Radio, It was Love Radio who started the Pang-Masa Trend Love Radio was the one who killed 93.9 KC FM and now 97.1 LS FM, If they wanted to retain KC FM and LS FM, they should establish Love Radio in a different frequency, Someone should terminate Love Radio, Plan A, Someone should terminate the guy who thought of making all the Masa Stations follow Love Radio, Plan B Someone should terminate Chris Tsuper and Nicole Hyala and all the other Love Radio DJ's so that the other Masa Stations should not follow Love Radio and we can bring back 93.9 KC FM and 97.1 LS FM.

forg/jecoup said...

Kuya Jon hehe kanya kanyang taste lang talaha :)

edmond : erzo ikaw pala yan haha, salamat hehe

rafaek I used to think that way pero in fairness naman sa mga masa stations today they do really entertain their target market.It may not work for you,for us but we just have to think that some people genuinely enjoy listening to them. Iba iba din kasing market, so there. I believe naman in co existing. Campus Radio is now resurrected sa 99.5 and well as for KC,I guess it's already history =(