Wednesday, May 14, 2008

One Day Left

Tomorrow, May 15, is my last day, officially, as the Editor-in-chief of Heraldo Filipino, the official student publication of DLSU-Dasmarinas. It will also mark the end of HF Team 22 and on May 16 HF Team 23 will take over. My HF life will end tomorrow. I'm almost finish with my remaining duties for the publication. It's the end. I'll prepare my digital camera. Yeah, I'm a sentimental dude haha.
Anyway, my HF journey is one long rollecoaster ride. I experience both the extreme highs and lows of life through HF. And I will be always be grateful to HF for the lessons I've learned. I will never forget my three-year stay with Heraldo Filipino. Wait....I'll save all these stuff for tomorrow haha.
Well, let me share this, I tracked another former DJ of WKC/KC FM again through multiply this time. He is sir John (The "Seahorse" during the "We Are Family" era) . He is so nice and he even shared to me some stories and pictures!
Being able communicate with those djs feels like meeting up with long lost friends.
I think I could not claim the prize I won in the Campus 99.5's Weekend Top 20 @ 12 last week.
I'm sort of busy this week =( This is the second time I won on a radio contest, the first one was with DJ Kelly's show on 103.5 Max FM but I failed to get my prize. Sad.

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