Saturday, September 22, 2007

Welcome Back

After a month of hiatus, thesis is back. Oh well, our draft one got a poor grade
Draft two is due on October 5. A consolation though is that the chapter 4 has no big problems. That chapter is very vital. We have a weak chapter 2. Need to focus once more to meet the deadline. We need to pass a 95% better output this time.

For three days, I became a student administrator for Students' Week. I became the Student Publications Office Director. I had fun though of course there were problems I have to handle but hey I'm with Heraldo Filipino, so facing stress is nothing new hehe.


Two weeks left for regular class this sem. Once more, how time flies. I'm now loaded with so many school projects, two documentaries, one exhibit for our educational broadcasting, thesis (see above). Plus press work for the second issue of HF and first issue of LS.


As the sem draws to a close, I'm evaluating myself. How was I as student? as EIC of HF?
I think I did fine but not that great as I hope I would become.

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