Wednesday, September 05, 2007

No longer a teen

My clock in my cellphone says its 12 midnight. Its already September 5. With that, I turn20. It's my birthday. Two decades. I've been into this world for that long. Goodbye teenage years. I know I was not your typical teen. I may have missed out on a lot of stuff normal teenagers do. But there is no regrets. I used to regret on the things I did not do. But as the years go by, I've learned that every choices I made helped me grow and molded me into what I am today. And I thank God for that.


As some of you may know, this day is not really a "happy" birthday because of the shocking death of my grandmother last Sunday. The last few days were so difficult. I go to school and for a time I forget the pain. But no matter how I distract myself, the pain is still there. I feel so sad. I know someday I will accept that she is no longer with us. But please understand that even though I know that Mama Eyang does not want me to sad on my birthday, I could not pretend not to be sad. But I appreciate the people who are cheering me up. Your words are greatly appreciated. I'm touched.

But please understand why I don't feel like celebrating at all.

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