Saturday, September 15, 2007

My favorite cliche

How time flies...

It really is. It's already the finals period for this sem. I'm now swamped with so many things to do. We will have our thesis defense next sem pa raw according to our prof when I talked to him earlier. It's almost a month since we submitted our first draft. I was thesis-free for the last few weeks. And anytime this week, it will be back. Must get ready.

Last year, I was in Baguio, attending a campus journalism workshop. Now, a new breed of HF people went there to experience it. I had great time last year and I'm sure they will too.

Last week, we [JOU41] had our Retreat. It was really great. Had a nice bonding time with my blockmates.And I'm just glad I belonged to this block. I used to have frustrations on my section but as the years went by, we became better and stronger. I will sure miss them once we graduate.

Tomorrow is the 6th Palad Seminar-Workshop. I just hope things will turn out fine tomorrow. But honestly, I just feel that we are not fully prepared. Or I am just so nervous because Palad is already an establish event at HF, I just dont want to screw that up.

I'm so excited on next sem's OJT. There are two opportunities knocking on my door,one is almost sure while the other 50/50 but what I really want is the latter. So i will take the risk and hope that I'll get in. But if not, I already have my back up plans.

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