Thursday, September 13, 2007

Britney and Erap

I watched Britney Spears "comeback" performance at the MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS over at YouTube and it was awful. Britney is not a good singer but she makes up to it through her dancing but her 2007 VMA performance was dreadful. Lacks energy and she shouldn't have worn that, it highlighted her current figure . She used to have great abs. Britney is train wreck.

I'm glad Erap was convicted guilty. But whether I like it or not Erap is the "star" right at this moment, the sympathy is on him. Thanks to PGMA's bad reputation, bumango si Erap, which sucks because it does not follow that if PGMA is not a good president, Erap was.
I was really smirking when I watched a news report that showed that the Erap supporters prepared two shirts, placards, posters etc. one for if erap is convicted guilty and another if not. Well funded ah?

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aajao said...

hehe volunteers yun, at dahil "mahirap" ang supporters ni Erap (karamihan) dapat talaga may popondo sa mga gastusin nila sa pagsuporta sa kaniya :P