Saturday, September 08, 2007

Must See TV: Brothers and Sisters

ave you been craving for some good family drama on television?
If your answer is yes, then I recommend you to watch Brothers and Sisters. This program has a stellar cast lead by accomplished movie actress Sally Field and some of our TV favorites Calista Flockhart [Ally McBeal] Ron Rifkin [Sloan of Alias], and Rachel Griffiths [Six Feet Under]. This program tells the story of the Walker family as they deal with their issues with one another. This show is classified under the drama category but this show is not heavy drama because it also has its funny moments especially the scenes with Nora [Field], the mother and Kitty [Flockhart] her daughter who is the only Republican in their family. I like the writing of the show because of its sharp, witty and could-relate-to dialogue and conversations that will really tug your heartstrings. The casting of this show is excellent, all of them have chemistry. I also like that the characters in this program are not one dimensional, when there are conflicts, there is no usual protagonist/antagonist. Sometimes, all the people involved in a conflict have their own flaws.This show brings out the best and worst out of each family member and makes us think, hey, they're exactly like my family.

Mondays, 9:30pm, Studio 23

Sundays, 10:00pm, ABC

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