Monday, September 03, 2007

Saddest Birthday

My birthday is on September 5. An this will be the`saddest birthday. My father informed just a few minutes ago, that my grandmother (maternal) died. It was sudden. A few hours earlier our relatives from Bohol called telling that mama eyang was rushed into the hospital. My grandmother is a healthy woman so it really shocked us to know that. I feel so sad. When my mother called me, I cried so hard. Her death affected me very mucH. She is the only living grandparent I have since my other grandparents died when I was really young. I admit we are not really close since she could not speak tagalog that much. But I love her and always admire her for being a strong woman. She lives alone in Bohol although almost of her neighbors are relatives. I just feel so sad, because I haven't seen her in like 6 years. My mother saw her last year when they had a vacation. Who would have thought it would be the last? It just painful for me because I know my mother is in pain because she was not with her mother on her last few moments here in this world. We have a plan pa naman that after I graduate we will visit her. It will not happen anymore. I just feel so sad right now. I'm still in shock that Mama Eyang is no longer with us.

God Bless mama Eyang. I love you very much and I'm sorry


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

i'm sorry to hear about your loss. take care always.

and i know it's hard, but it's alright to miss out on your birthday this year.

keep in touch.

forg said...

thanks mikki