Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mission Accomplished

Today I interviewed Henry Omaga Diaz of ABS CBN for a school project under sir Jun Del Rosario's class. We haven't had hard time scheduling a interview with sir Henry becuause Sir Jun was the one who actually helped us get an appointment. We did not expect Sir Jun to do that we just asked him if he knows how to contact Mr. Henry Omaga Diaz since they are former co workers and right then he picked up his cell phone and called Mr. Henry and scheduled us an interview. He also helped the other group who will interview Gus Abelgus.
We almost failed to interview Mr. Henry because the guard over at ABS CBN is giving us a hard time good thing though Kate [from the Gus Abelgus group] contacted Sir Jun and asked for help and he asked us to give the phone to the guard and-alas- we were let in. Sir Jun was a big help.
We waited for a while at the ABS CBN newsroom, and right there I could really feel the tension and stress, well it was almost 5 pm that time and the news people were busy obviously for TV Patrol.
We were called up and proceeded to the News and Current Affairs office to meet Sir Henry. He was nice and very accommodating to us. I felt at ease while interviewing him. Our topic was about the use of hidden cameras in Investigative Journalism. I learned a lot from him.
I'm glad we finished one of so many tasks ahead. This will be a stressful last few weeks of the semester. Wish me luck that I could accomplish successfully all the assignments knocking on my door.


aajao said...

wow. a tour inside the ABS CBN premises. speaking of Henry O. Diaz, there was one time that he and someone went inside the pancake house near UA&P. they were with a cameraman and did something like an informal interview. i was like... "wtf??"


Anonymous said...

just found your blog!
Ms. Aguilar to, Socio teacher mo dati.
Congrats pala sa HF. I'm taking phd sa Ateneo and i got hold of their student publication last week, the Guidon.
Objectively, HF is miles ahead.
I just wish La Sallians really
read everything in the HF.

forg said...

Thank you po Mam Aguilar! Nakakataba po ng puso