Sunday, March 04, 2012

Spotlight: PULSERAº

OPM today is suffering from the lack of new acts to give the industry something to look forward to. I think we are at the phase where everything sounds so dormant and predictable. So everytime I get the chance to discover a new act that has potential it makes me smile because I'm glad that despite the not-so exciting state of the industry there are still a lot of those who are not throwing in the towel yet. I stumbled with this new band "Pulsera" just recently and while I admit that their music is not my usual type of sound I do found some of their tracks like "Freeware" and "Lethe" very interesting as you can see that the band truly knows the type of music they want and the song represents their musical maturity. They are definitely a band you should watch out

Here's more info about the and where you can find more about their music:

In an industry where the delineation of creative artistry and commercial viability has so often been misused and abused, where the essence of independence has been bastardized to coax the egos of self-deprecating poseurs, there remains a number of artists actively seeking to retool their arsenal and ultimately break free from the perceived norms (and spite those hypocrites along, as well).

PULSERAº is one such band, and it boasts of a brand of music counter to the more popular genre in this day. Never loud only to be deviant, PULSERAº is an alternative to your long, drawn-out, screaming suicidal sentiments.

After producing several songs and with their constant gig exposures, Pulsera collectively decided to reinvent its sound of what was already melodic, provocative and gritty.

PULSERAº assaults its listeners with a controlled barrage of pulsating beats, multitextured guitar riffs, groove-laden bass lines, ambient backgrounds and chilling melodies, while never losing the grip on its hard-hitting stance. Though such a structure may be a little complex to some, one is never lost in all the layers of sound nor the perverse messages of the songs.

On live sets, PULSERAº is never static, never complacent. Its music is never pretentious. It does not rip a page off of someone else’s music book. When you think you have the music down pat, it reemerges on the other side of the spectrum – a myriad of sounds from alternative rock, grunge, post rock, shoegazer, ambient, post hardcore, psychedelic, progressive, industrial to metal.

PULSERAº is eternally on a journey of revolution to break adherence from inertia – a scene already crowded with failed, “attempting” lovers. Simply put, it aims to shoot you off through the roof.

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