Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Midweek Musings 21

*The last time I did a midweek musings post was last January. Not that I never had the itch to do so it's just that other stuff that I wanted to post just got in the way (and yes laziness too).

* It's the season of resignation at the office :( I understand their decision but to be honest it could have been prevented early on. But oh well :( In my almost 3 years with the company I saw a lot of people come and go. I guess it's just the nature for the line of work I'm in. And I know in bigger companies it's more brutal. But still whenever a person resigns it still makes me sad.

*It's been 4 years since I graduated from college. 4 years! So that means it has been 8 years since I entered college. I still can't believe how time flies so fast. I so miss my college days but it's all but a memory now. I'm no longer the same man I was 4 years ago. I miss my old self though. I was just so idealistic back then and now? Well I think I'm settling for complacency. But a lot has happened in my personal life over the years that changed me. I'm thankful for what I have experience because it made me stronger. I fully understood what they were telling me when I was a student that the real world is so different. I thought I already prepared myself to face the "real word" but it was not the case. You can never be ready I guess.

* I'm turning 25 in September this year. What's funny is that back when I was a kid, I thought by the time I reached 25 I'm already married but now I can't see imagine myself getting married anytime soon at all. But you know what I do want to raise my own family in the future especially since I had a taste of parenthood via my beloved nephew. It's so tough to take care of a child but I love every second of it. But I'm not ready yet to have my own family as I'm not financially and emotionally ready for it. And yes I still have yet to find the "one" as they say. What's weird is that I already have back up plans in my head just in case things don't go as I hope hahaha.

*To be honest the future scares me. Maybe because I'm in the age where I feel I should be shaping mypath clearly already. I'm afraid that by the time I reached 30, I have nowhere to go. I know I should be making big decisions by now. But it's tough and scary. I can do this I know. As they say in Hunger Games (which I will review hopefully this week if I can muster up the energy) may the odds be in my favor.

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