Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Download TeleNovela Channel Theme Songs!

What I love about telenovelas in general are their theme songs! Even though I don't understand them, those tunes adds character to the TV show and engage me even more to watch it. A theme song highlights the texture and mood of a TV show and when it is sung and produced well it heightens the viewing experience. What I love about our soaps at TeleNovela Channel is that the Filipino versions of the respective theme songs of each soap and I must say that the translated versions are as good as the originals! Anyway, you can now own the songs (and minus one versions as well if you want to have your own version!) FOR FREE at TeleNovela Channel's website, just click here to download the mp3 versions of the theme songs.

Here's the track list:
  1. Init ng Pagmamahal (Passion OST) Jay Marquez and Faith Cuneta
  2. Kahit Hiram na Sandali (Madrasta OST) Jasmine Abrenica
  3. Ako Ba’y Aasa Pa (In The Name of Love OST) Faith Cuneta
  4. Haplos sa Awit (The Two Sides of Ana OST) Daryl Ong
  5. Init ng Pagmamahal (Passion OST) Carlo Orosa and Jasmine Abrenica
  6. Init ng Pagmamahal (Minus One)
  7. Kahit Hiram na Sandali (Minus One)
  8. Ako Ba’y Aasa Pa (Minus One)
  9. Haplos sa Awit (Minus One)

My personal favorite is Kahit Hiram na Sandali from Madrasta. It's a serious case of LSS! :)


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