Sunday, May 13, 2012

Playing Programmer 2012: NBC

It's the time of the year when the US Broadcast network announce renewals and cancellations along with the new series they will pick up for next season. Next week is what they call the UpFronts which is like the equivalent of the trade shows our local networks do here. It's the time where each network showcases their schedule for the upcoming TV season. Like last year, I will play programmer and try to schedule the networks programming next season.

After FOX and The CW, not it's time for me to share what I think NBC's schedule should be. This network has a lot of problems with every scripted show struggling in the ratings this season. However, they have one saving grace which is The Voice which got strong ratings in midseason and even defeating Idol earlier (however the show slipped in the ratings as the season progresses and American Idol beat it for the rest of the season). So even if NBC is risking of overexposing The Voice by having a fall edition it's understandable that they will have because they need it to launch new shows.




8-10 PM: The Voice
10 PM: The Revolution

The Voice should provide lead in to their most potential new show The Revolution from JJ Abrams. Smash should be kept for midseason for the spring edition of The Voice.


8 PM - The Biggest Loser
9 PM - The Voice Results
10 PM - infamous

Slicing The Biggest Loser to one hour works and The Voice Results does well for them and will provide a good lead in to soap-ish new show Infamous which could be a good fit to The Voice.


8 PM - Whitney
8:30 PM - Up All Night
9 PM - Law & Order: SVU
10 PM - Chicago Fire

Despite critical backash, Whitney actually did decently on Wednesdays and I think they should keep it on the same slot and pair it with Up All Night who actually did fine in the fall when it was on Wednesday but when it moved to the post-Office slot it did poorly. SVU is now weaker but its their best option for the 9 PM and could provide a solid lead in for the new show Chicago Fire.


8 PM - Parks and Recreation
8:30 - Go On
9 PM - The Office
9:30 PM - 1600 PENN
10 PM - Parenthood

Parks and Office ratings are not that great anymore but they were still the best performers from the current Thursday block so I'll keep them here and launch two new promising sitcom Matthew Perry's Go On and the White House family sitcom 16000 PENN. I'm moving Parenthood here since ABC has failed to launch new series on this slot since E.R ended so might as well give it to a veteran with a decent audience.


8 PM - Community
8:30 PM - 30 Rock
9 PM - Grimm
10 PM - Dateline

Community and 30 Rock suffered big ratings loss last season and both shows have a passionate following. Feels like Community was renewed for more episodes on syndication so might as well give it to Fridays with low ratings expectations and 30 Rock is on its final season so might well put it to pasture on this night

Midseason: Smash, Off The Rockers, Animal Practice, Guys with Kids, Do Not Harm, Next Caller, Hannibal

NBC has a bunch of new shows so obviously they're going for midseason. I'll leave relative acceptable ratings performers Smash and Off The Rockers for midseason as back up shows.

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