Thursday, May 31, 2012

PEx Goes to Lifehouse Live in Manila 2012

This the article I wrote for Pinoyexchange which was the reason that I had the opportunity to see my favorite band perform live. I will post a more personal account of the concert later this week. :)

"We mean it when we say this is our favorite country to play in the entire world” said Lifehouse frontman Jason Wade during the successful Lifehouse Live in Manila concert held last May 26 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum

The concert opened with "All In", the band's second single from their current album "Smokes and Mirrors". It was then followed by "Here Tomorrow Come Today" from their current album. Wade then expressed how excited they were to perform again for their Filipino fans as their 2008 concert here was an unforgettable experience for the band. Before Lifehouse proceeded with the next batch of songs, Wade told before the thousand of screaming fans in the coliseum that he is confident that tonight's concert will even top their previous one.

The band then proceeded to play a mix of their old hits ("Spin", "You and Me", "Whatever It Takes") and album cuts from Smokes and Mirrors ("Nerve Damage", "Wrecking Ball"). During the Nerve Damage performance Jason Wade went down from the stage and to interact with the crowd

Afterwhich, Jason Wade came on stage alone with a guitar and performed an acoustic medley of fan favorites "Storm", "Everything", "Blind", "Six Cycle Carousel" and "From Where You Are" which definitely made the audience feel more excited and overwhelmed hearing their beloved songs played one after another. Wade was then joined by his bandmates to perform "Wash", "Take Me Away" and “Falling In".

What ultimately brought the house down was when Lifehouse performed their breakthrough song and phenomenal hit "Hanging By a Moment" which was then followed by another fan favorite 'First Time". Lifehouse ended the set with spine-tingling rendition of "Broken". But the audience was asking for more and after a few minutes the band returned on stage with Bryce Soderbergh holding a camera phone capturing the overpowering crowd response and the band then expressed how overwhelmed they are with the audience and expressed their gratitude once again to their Filipino fans. The band then carried on with their encore performance and sang "Halfway Gone". They ended the concert with a reprise of "Everything" and this time around, the song was performed in full which undoubtedly got the biggest response of the night. In their previous concert the song was not part of their setlist which disappointed a lot since the song is well-loved by their local fans here. Ending the concert with 'Everything" showed how Lifehouse listens and appreciates their fans and the love was definitely felt in Araneta. A standing ovation and loud applause was given to the band after their concert and they ended the concert with a promise of "See you soon".

Lifehouse Live in Manila was Dayly Entertainment and That’s Ntertainment Productions.with Pinoyexchange as one its partnetrs.

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