Tuesday, May 01, 2012


So today (ironically in a way since it's Labor's Day) I begin my "new job" at the office. Yeah, I'm still in the same company but I have a "promotion" of some sorts. It's in quote because it's not official and things are under probation but essentially I got an "upgrade" from the job because I will no longer write dubbing scripts as I'm now a segment producer. I will produce plugs and promotional materials for TeleNovela Channel. Aside from producing plugs, I will also do quality checking of the materials that will air on the channel. Truth be told, I got this "promotion" because two people resigned so it's a de-facto promotion haha. And I have no salary increase whatsoever which sucks but well manager told me when i do a good job maybe I could get one. Let's see. It's a tougher job than my previous one because well the stakes are higher and the responsibilities are bigger. I was hesitant to pursue this actually but you know I just thought that I'm not getting any younger anymore and I've been with the company for almost 3 years so it's time for me to stay out of my comfort zone and try out something new. I may not have a salary hike (for now I hope) but it's a good opportunity to expand my horizons. Plus I get paid to watch TV, that's awesome!

You know what I thought of leaving the job several weeks ago as an opportunity to move to a new place seems feasible but it didn't work out in the end and I was really upset as I wanted to get that job. But in a way, maybe it was all in God's plan. It's not time for me to leave my current company because I still have things to learn. Anyway, this new opportunity and definitely a blessing. It will be tough but I will do my best. :)

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