Sunday, May 13, 2012

Playing Programmer 2012: Fox

It's the time of the year when the US Broadcast network announce renewals and cancellations along with the new series they will pick up for next season. Next week is what they call the UpFronts which is like the equivalent of the trade shows our local networks do here. It's the time where each network showcases their schedule for the upcoming TV season. Like last year, I will play programmer and try to schedule the networks programming next season.

Earlier I did my "suggested" schedule for The CW and now I will dish out my scheduling thoughts for FOX. The network is still #1 on the overall average for the advertisers demo of 18-49 however the network struggled this season with all its scripted shows hitting lows and American Idol although still strong suffered its biggest rating decline yet. It should be noted as well that they don't program the 10 pm hour unlike ABC, CBS and NBC so they have an advantage there. And that's also makes easy for me to schedule them :)


7 PM - Football
8 PM - The Simpsons
8:30 PM - Bob's Burgers/The Cleveland Show
9 PM - Family Guy
9:30 PM - American Dad

No new animated series in development so far for FOX so the schedule will likely be the same. I just don't know which between Bob's Burgers and Cleveland Show will take the 8:30 PM slot.


8 PM - Bones
9 PM - Mob Doctor

Bones is a reliable performer and will keep FOX Mondays stable with House exiting this season. This should also help the launch of the new series Mob Doctor (which I hope gets a better title before it premieres).


8 PM - Raising Hope
8:30 PM - Ben & Kate
9 PM - New Girl
9:30 PM - It's Messy

Fox tried a 2-hour sitcom block but it failed but I think they're going to try again this fall now that they have two promising new sitcoms that are compatible with Raising Hope and New Girl . What happens to Glee? I'll deal with it later ;)


8-10 PM - The X Factor

The X Factor was considered a disappointment during its first season since it didn't had the buzz and ratings American Idol had but lofty expectations aside, The X Factor was a hit and gave FOX three solid hours of great acting which helped them keep the crown as the top-rated network in 18-49 especially how FOX struggled in the spring. So without a doubt, X Factor stays on the same slot.


8 PM - X Factor
9 PM - Glee

Glee has suffered ratings and buzz loss on its third season but still the ratings are still solid but I think if Fox wants to protect this show they'll move it here with a fairly solid lead from The X Factor. Plus they could also start the season later after FOX coverage of baseball is done wherein Two hours of X Factor can be used before Glee premieres.


8 PM - Touch
9 PM - Fringe

Touch got a renewal despite poor ratings behind American Idol and I guess they only renewed it to "save face" since all other shows that they launched floundered plus it has top notch talent Kiefer Sutherland involved. But with having the best lead in possible already and I don't see Touch going to grow anymore so it's possible that FOX relocates it to Friday where they usually put their shows that aren't strong anymore to pasture. On the positive side, this could be a utility player as well if a new show flops horribly. Fringe stays on the same slot for their final season.

Midseason: The Following, Goodwin Games, Kitchen Nightmares

The Following stars Kevin Bacon and is reported that he only agreed to work for just 15 episodes. So an uninterrupted midseason run for this is the best option for success. Goodwin Games is a sitcom that could replace any show that flops in the Tuesday block or maybe used after The X Factor. Kitchen Nightmares is a reliable Friday show that could replace Fringe once its done.

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