Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Playing Programmer 2012: CBS

It's the time of the year when the US Broadcast network announce renewals and cancellations along with the new series they will pick up for next season. Next week is what they call the UpFronts which is like the equivalent of the trade shows our local networks do here. It's the time where each network showcases their schedule for the upcoming TV season. Like last year, I will play programmer and try to schedule the networks programming next season.

The CW? Done! FOX Done! NBC? Done? ABC? Done!

And so for the finale of my Playing Programmer 2012 blog series (haha!), I will now focus with the very stable CBS, America's most viewed network in primetime. The network renewed around 20 shows and picked up 6 new series for this season. I don't see much changes for the network this season apart from plugging holes for cancelled series. Anyway, here's my schedule for CBS:


7 PM - 60 Minutes
8 PM - The Amazing Race
9 PM - Vegas
10 PM - The Good Wife

Sunday a weak night for CBS with only The Amazing Race bringing in solid ratings so I can see them launching their high profile Western drama Vegas starring Dennis Quaid, Michael Chicklis and Carrie Ann Moss at the 9 PM slot. The Good Wife's ratings are poor for CBS but they likely renewed the show because of the prestige it brings, I can see CBS moving The Good Wife one hour later to 10 PM where it will do the least damage in the ratings


8 PM - How I Met Your Mother
8: 30 PM - 2 Broke Girls
9 PM - Two and a Half Men
9:30 PM - Mike & Molly
10 PM - Hawaii Five-0

Yes, I didn't change a thing in this schedule, it works well for them and CBS wants stability so I don't see them making drastic changes for whatever works for them.


10 PM - Made in Jersey

The 10 pm slot has been tough for CBS but I think they well try again to have female-led drama show at 10 PM and that would be Made in Jersey


8 PM - Survivor: Philippines*
9 PM - Criminal Minds
10 PM - CSI

*not to be confused with the local version Survivor Philippines with no ":" in between.

Like Monday a very solid night for CBS. I don't see them changing it as well


8 PM - The Big Bang Theory
8:30 PM - Friend Me
9 PM - Person of Interest
10 PM - Elementary

A lot of people are predicting CBS will make a 2 hour sitcom block while I would advocate that before The Big Bang Theory did excellent the past season on the same timeslot and while it would definitely get highe ratings at 9 PM, I think CBS will stick with the same schedule since they tend to nurture their procedural and Person of Interest did increase its ratings during the latter half of the season which shows potential for growth (NCIS and Criminal Minds had been on the same timeslot since they premiered and they started with modest ratings and grew to become ratings powerhouses so POI could be another long term hit for CBS). They will likely launch a new sitcom here since TBBT is strong and they picked two sitcoms and Friend Me seems more compatible with TBBT. CBS modernized version of Sherlock Holmes Elementary is a buzzed project and will likely get the Thursday 10 PM slot.


8 PM Rules of Engagement
8:30 PM - Partners
9 PM - The Mentalist
10 PM - Blue Bloods

CBS used to rule Fridays but their ratings power over that night started to lose their power there so I see them making some changes here and reserve Undercover Boss and CSI: New York for midseason and try something new by having sitcoms at 8-9 PM and The Mentalist moving to 9 PM.


Tomorrow, I'll share my thoughts on the released official schedules so far :)

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