Monday, May 25, 2009

The Upset

Filipino director Brillante Mendoza wins Best Director for this year's Cannes Film Festival. This was clearly an upset and a shocker especially that his movie Kinatay received mixed reviews and film critic Robert Egert even called it the worst movie ever shown at Cannes. Mendoza beat renowned film makers for the award. Even though I haven't seen the film I'm sure the judges might have seen something special for him to bag the award. Based on the mixed reviews, the movie I think is polarizing, its just hate it or love it, nothing in between. Anyway, a win is a win! Too bad this news did not get that much buzz here since the Philippine media is still not over the celebrty sex scandals. As a friend said this win is of the same level with Pacquaio's victory but well sadly this is not something the regular Pinoys would really care, maybe if an actor won, it might get more buzz plus Brillante is not really a popular director. I admit I only knew him last year when his film Serbis made it also as Cannes.
Anyway, I believe somewhere Lino Brocka is smiling with his victory.

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