Sunday, May 24, 2009

Nostalgia Fit: Childhood Movies

The following list will feature foreign movies first. There were so many local movies I watched before as a kid it will be so hard to narrow it down, so I'll save that for another blog entry haha. Anyway, the following were the first movies the pop into my mind when I answered the Facebook application on "movies you grew up on". I mostly watched this movies on VHS and on their TV airings.

Back to the Future series

- We had a VHS marathon of this trilogy one Lenten season. Good thing we did this on marathon because if we watched this on the cinemas it would be so bitin because they end the movies with cliffhangers! I was really fascinated with time traveling and well we are near 2015, the year featured in the movie where the world is so high-tech haha.

Home Alone

- I watched this on TV during Christmas season. I could not remember which channel aired this though. I love the antics of Macauly Culkin's character. This was such a fun movie to watch Culkin was adorable, sort of sad how he had messy life growing up.

The Land Before Time series

- There were so many movies under this franchise but the first one would be special to me haha. I watched this through VHS, I actually don't know anything about this movie when I picked this up on a video rental store and told my brother to have this on the tapes we would rent that day and I really adored this movie, I think I was even close to tears for some of the scenes haha.

Mrs. Doubtfire

- I watched this on GMA 7. I was really impressed with Robin William's performance here and the story was very touching anyway. I was sad that in the ending though but when I grew up, I realized it was good ending afterall because it did not give false hopes and was at least close to reality with broken marriages.

Baby's Day Out

- The movie is so cute, the baby is just so adorable haha.

Joe's Apartment

- The cockroaches were very gross but also adorable albeit in a very freaky way haha.

The NeverEnding Story

- You know what I don't really remember exactly the story of this movie but I will always watch it on Million Dollar Movies on ABS CBN because they air this a lot. I was very impressed with the special effects here. I guess that's why I don't remember the story because when I watched this back then I was more focused with the visuals haha.

Sister Act

- "I will follow you...." My LSS back in the day because of this movie that was also aired a lot on ABS CBN when I was a kid

101 Dalmatians

- I dreamed of collecting all 101 dalmatian toys of McDonald's Happy Meal, I only got to 12 haha.


-Of course I would not left this out, this was truly phenomenal! Benta pa nga sa akin yung tagalized Titanic excerpts inserted by 93.9 WKC sa My Heart Will Go On haha.


Anonymous said...

Is Mrs. Doubtfire about a nanny or sumn? :D Looks maganda. Tell me bout it. I loved Hocus Pocus, Thumbelina, Lion King, The Sound of Music and Annie as a kid. :D

forg/jecoup said...

Hi Apple!

Yup, its about a Dad na nagpanggap na nanny para mapalapit sa mga anak niya, recently divorced kasi and nasa mother yung custody

reyax said...

favorite ko din po ung baby's day out, land before time at sister act. naaliw ako sa baby's day out kasi ang cute nung baby. :P tsaka nakakatakas siya lagi sa mga kidnappers. :P haha. ang naalala ko lang sa land before time ay ung theme song (na nakalimutan ko ung title). tapos sa sister act, nakakatawa. may pagka-musical din. favorite ko din ung honey i blew up the kid. lagi kong inaabangan sa 7 un dati. :)

forg/jecoup said...

Maganda nga yung theme song ng Land Before Time.
Naku makahanap ako ng VCD ng Baby's Day Out bibilhin ko yan, sobrang cute ng movie haha

Anonymous said...

uhm ,guys anong movie yun na ang ending is nasa science fair sila tapos sasabog ato ung building dahil nag malfunction yung isang invention but was saved by a guy playing an electric guitar... pagkatapos eh kumain sya ng apple =)