Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Remember Aqua?

I admit it I really like this European pop group of the 90s "Aqua". Yes, the songs were very cheesy and,yes, campy but I was 10 then, their music appealed to me haha. Doctor Jones, My Oh My, and of course the classic Barbie Girl haha. . But their best song arguably is the ballad Turn Back Time which we saw a different side of them. I have their album 'Aquarium' on cassette tape. Anyway, its been almost a decade since they broke up but,to my surprise, I found out today they are reuniting this year for a tour and they have a "comeback single" for the release of their Greatest Hits compilation. The title of the song is "Back to the 80s". The song is catchy and I like this part of the song:
Back to when Michael Jackson's skin was still black
Listen to the song below:

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