Sunday, May 31, 2009

Goodbye Pushing Daisies

Thank you to 2nd Avenue, the channel that airs Pushing Daisies here in the Philippines, for airing the last three episodes of the show ahead of the US airing (The last three episodes , which they junked airing last year when the network canceled it,will air in the US starting this week). I was really sad when the show was canceled last year. Two years ago, I was really blown away with its pilot episode and became a fan instantly. It started strong in the US but its first season was cut short to nine episodes because of the US Writers' Strike. They went off the air for nine months and when they returned it had a significant drop in the ratings ultimately leading to its cancellation. Season 2 only had 13 episodes. so over all the show only had 21 episodes for its entire run, which is just one season for a regular US TV series. Really sad. I love the magical, quirky world of the show. I love Ned and Chuck's love story. I love Olive's goofiness (plus her musical numbers were really awesome) and Emerson's sarcasm is hilarious. For some, the show is just too over the top and too sweet but it really worked for me. It's very comforting to watch. The producers say that the show will be revived through comics ala Buffy, The Vampire Slayer but for me nothing beats seeing it on TV. I love the actors and how the story is played out. The 'de facto' series finale aired earlier and well obviously the episode was not meant to be a series finale however I really appreciated how the production made it possible to provide closure for the last few scenes of the episode. It provided us some resolution for some storylines but there are still questions left untold SPOILER ALERT like what happened to the fathers of Ned and Chuck, the reason why Ned had that "skill" in the first place ,and although we know that Ned and Chuck will stay together I still want to know if they could still manage to "touch" each other someday. The last episode focused on the story of Chuck's aunt and mom and for me their story is the one that went full circle. It was a very touching story nevertheless. And I'm glad it did not end on a cliffhanger!
And the last few line delivered by the narrator ( I would really miss hearing his voice ) were so spot on.

Although the show ended not own its own terms, I'm still glad I experienced watching this show. Maybe this show is ahead of its time but truly this one show that belongs to the Brilliant-But-Shortlived- Classics.


reyax said...

i like pushing daisies too. sayang lang talaga at na-cancel ung show. :( ganda pa naman ng story..

forg/jecoup said...

Hay sayang madami pang pwede ikwento ang PD :(

lester said...

hi! sobrang useful ng blog mo hehe.. nagtataka kasi ako baket May palang pinalabas na ung last episode satin eh i was expecting it baka july pa stin? kasi nabasa ko nung feb.. june ipapalabas sa US . kya ung napanuod ko ung episode na un.. kala ko di pa un un.. haha. naexcite pako .. tapos biglang.. wla na.. hehe..

nauna pala tlga tayo/... erf.. kalungkot.

forg/jecoup said...

Hi Lester, glad my blog helped.

Kalungkot talaga ending kasi madalian :(