Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Nostalgia Fit: 90s Songs Part 1

I was a kid during the 90s and that time I already love music! Well, it is one of the effects of my love for music countdowns haha. Anyway, let's go back memory lane as I share some songs which I believe define the era (and personal favorites as well :D). This is just the first part and I will start first with foreign songs. To be honest, some of the songs here (Brick and Semi Charmed Life for example) I did not even understand what the meaning until when I grew up haha and I was shocked to know what their meaning were haha but I still like those regardless of what they mean. Anyway, here is the part one of my nostalgia fit with the 90s songs:

Nostalgia Fit: 90s Songs 1

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