Thursday, October 09, 2008


Today marks my first month here at Fireball Planet Corporation. And I already adjusted with the working environment. The people I work it are very nice, the bosses too. I realized that this actually an ideal first job for me. I'm learning a lot of something new although not connected with my degree haha since I'm surrounded with computer people somehow I'm learning some techie stuff like how to use Smart FTP and Dreamweaver. And since this company is focused on Internet Marketing it really opened my eyes that you could earn a lot through the Internet. Come to think of it, I'm an Internet addict and it's quite amusing that my first job is associated with the world wide web. Of course I won't deny that I enjoy the fast Internet connection here and there are only a few restriction on sites as long as you could do your task on time and your productivity is not affected you could surf non-work related stuff. But I also observe that since this a small company (it only started last year) I could still see flaws on the managing aspect (they could lessen the leniency, in my opinion) but that is understandable. So far, for the past month I'm glad I was able to apply some principles in my degree since I wrote press releases and scripts for TV infomercials, edited writing content, wrote fun feature articles (like my weekly movie review task), online quizzes among others. But there are also tasks that I find too tedious like transcribing a video haha. The salary is okay, I wish it would be much higher but I'm fine with it for now since it teaches me more how to manage money effectively so I would not be broke haha.
I still have two months in my contract after that hmmmm....let's see.

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aajao said...

ei, happy monthsary!

cheers!!! :)