Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Chance

This weekend which is the Undas (All Saints and All Souls day), I will be going to Bohol with my parents and brother. This will be my first time in almost a decade to visit our province. We will visit the graves of my grand parents. All four of them. It is really sad because Mama Iyang just died last year, the original plan was that on the summer after my graduation we would visit her but sadly she did not make it. My parents decided to take me and my Kuya Jereme to Bohol because we weren't able to come to her funeral last year because I had school and my brother has work.
I don't know what I would feel this time. I am so used to seeing her everytime we visit Bohol. Among my grandparents, Mama Iyang was the only one alive when I was growing up so she is the one most special to me.
I'm glad I would visit her this weekend, even though I could no longer see her in person anymore. She is still with us, I know.
My trip to Bohol would also be an opportunity for me to unwind and reflect especially the past weeks where I've been experiencing a dilemma about my career path. A different atmosphere would help me detoxify and clear my mind.

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