Sunday, October 26, 2008

Catch Up and Balance

Just watched the season 2 premiere of Dirty Sexy Money on Studio 23, it was mind blowing! Shocking events for the first episode. I hope I could sustain watching it regularly. Sadly, I have fallen behind of some the TV shows I used to watch regularly like The Amazing Race and Survivor. I am even missing out on Survivor Philippines which is actually good. Sad.
I have also missed out the new season premiere of Brothers and Sisters on 23 but luckily I was able to watch the second episode of the new season. Different case for Desperate Housewives, I've seen the season premiere but not the second episode. Some shows I catch online like Pushing Daisies,Chuck and Eli Stone but I've also fallen behind as well. I haven't seen any new US show yet unlike last year. I could not complete watching a full week of The Colbert Report, I always miss an episode or two. And there are several shows that I am way behind.
I miss my couch potato days but oh well lot of factors contributed to my lack of time and way to watch the shows. I go home late and my computer and Internet connection is not as good as last year. I now try to keep away from spoilers for my favorite TV shows which was very effective when I watched DSM earlier on.
Arrgh, I must find a way :D I love TV so much haha. I guess was too engrossed with my chart monitoring this year, it was also a factor why I need to catch up on my TV fix. A few years ago I was too engrossed with TV that I was almost out of the loop in my chart monitoring. Reading is also an issue, I haven't read some of the books I bought ages ago! Why couldn't I have it all? . But I hope in due time I could develop a system or flow perhaps that could balance all my interests :D.


I will make a very important decision tomorrow, a very vital move. It is work related. I was thinking about this all week and I believe I am making the right decision. It is very difficult to decide but I have to weigh all factors and think in the long run what would be more beneficial to me. Argh, life's decisions I'm starting to feel a like a real adult haha but nah I still have a lot to go through this is just the start.

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