Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It's the exam week, not for us though

All our four subjects moved their exams on January 2008 so JOU41 had an early Christmas vacation. Yehey! But of course there is a downside with this since we will welcome 2008 with back to back to back exams. Oh well, it's okay since this will be our last prelim exams ever huhu. Actually I will feel sad for the latter half of the semester since this will be fast paced and we only have roughly 3 months before we graduate. So how fast will this be? Classes resume on January 8 then midterms exams is scheduled from January 30-February 5 while the finals [for graduating students] will be from February 18-23. See how short our time left?
It is a bittersweet feeling.

My Day 7 on my OJT happened on a Sunday. The Journal office had very few people there that day. Mam Vilma was surprised to see us interns having their OJT on a Sunday. Well, the feeling is a bit odd for me too since I usually spend my Sundays slouching around at home. Anyways it was still a nice day for me and when work started it already felt like a normal day.

Today is Day 8 of my OJT and for the second time I was on solo flight. But I was not bored since I had a nice conversation with Mam Vilma, she is my favorite proofreader there. I am learning a lot from her and not just OJT-related stuff but life's lessons as well since she has a colorful life.

Anyways, I discovered some things with Journal like problems they face because of the conversations of the employees there. One of the common topic I hear are money-related issues.It made me think that soon I could face this dilemmas too, could I handle it like the way they do. What I really admire from the journal people is that even if they are facing lots of problems and pressures they still find a way to laugh it off. Well maybe because, I could really see that they love what they are doing.

Oh and Mam Ann [the supplements editor who assigned us to write articles two weeks ago] told me our articles will come out this week! I am excited!

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