Monday, December 24, 2007

I miss the Internet

For the past two days, 11pm na ako nakakauwi galing OJT and I'm too tired to surf the net. The traffic was very heavy yesterday and last Friday, well it was understandable since Christmas is fast approaching [as of press time, 1 day, 12 hours, 36 minutes and 19 seconds to go 'til Christmas day haha].Day 11 of my OJT: I was again for the third time, solo flight. When I entered the office it was unusual since nary a person was there. 'Yun pala there was this Christmas lunch happening on the 7th floor [Journal's office is on the 6th floor] hosted by the mother company of Journal. So work actually started late becuase of that. I was "forced" by the employees to go upstairs and eat too, I refused at first because I'm shy eh and I'm not an official employee of Journal naman haha.Pero wala rin din ako nagawa kasi the EIC himself invited me to eat and I figure out that if I refuse again it would be impolite. Day 12 of OJT: Another party na naman, this time exclusively for the Journal Group of Publications Editorial team. The employees brought their children along so the office was crowded. Work was not that regular because of the festive mood. Also, on that day Christian, Giselle and I exchanged gifts [we were supposed to give gifts today, Sunday, but we moved it earlier since we will not have our OJT today]. They gave me a Polo each. Thanks guys! We left the office early yesterday and did not attend the Christmas party although we were invited.My parents were in Makati yesterday [Christmas shopping!haha] so I joined them after OJT, that's why I left Journal at 5pm [I usually leave the office 6:30 to 7:30pm].
Today, I decided to have a rest day since this week, I attended my OJT from Sunday to Saturday [except Wednesday when I went to school]. I will resume OJT on December 26.

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