Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Day One

Today I started my OJT at the Journal Group of Publications in Makati. We [me and my classmates Christian and Giselle] came in early, 10:30 am, but we were told that we would start later that afternoon since we will be proofreaders and their work starts in the afternoon.
So around 2pm we started our OJT as proofreaders. It was okay since I already have experienced with that with Heraldo Filipino. There are three daily publication Journal Group of Publications have: People's Journal, People's Tonight and Taliba. I handled some pages in People's Journal and it was good experience, every mispelled word and typo I see excites me, hehe. We ended at around 7:30pm.
The people in Journal are very nice from the EIC to the HR to the proofreaders themselves. They are very accomodating and I felt relax. Our workload today is just okay since there are actually three proofreaders there plus us three interns. There were also times when we already finished proofreading and we don't have anything to do since some of the pages [the news pages mostly] of the dailies are not yet ready for proofreading so we had to wait.
Good thing though, that moment the HR approached us and asked if we could be supplementary writers, of course we accepted it. We met the supplementary section editor and gave us assignments with the deadline on Wednesday already.

Overall, it was a nice first day and I believe I will enjoy my stay with Journal as the HR told us that for the latter half our internship there we will experience being a beat writer, now that is something I'm so looking forward to.


Dustin said...

wow! new theme! ang christmasey! XD

Anonymous said...

tuwing kelan ojt niyo kuya?

forg said...

reamel: mondays to wednesdays pwede rin sundays

kuya dustin: thanks!