Thursday, December 13, 2007

Fighting Temptation

Temptation to sleep that is. And Blogging is a tactic to stay awake.

I need to be awake to finish an important HF task. Well, I was absent for OJT because of this anyway, But it is okay, I could make it up naman lalo na that Christmas vacation is already looming. Of course I will use the "vacation" days for OJT. Anyway, I had my 4th day of OJT last Saturday, we had no classes since it was Dasmarinas Day so I used it for OJT. That daybwe met Mam Vilma, fresh from her leave hehe. She was not there during my first three days and I must say she is the nicest proofreader there, very accomodating and approachable. After OJT, I went window shopping to kill time as a I wait for my brother who works as a driver to finish his duty so we could go home together. There were many people but I bet there will be more if Glorietta did not experience you-know-what. I felt sad seeing the "walls" covering Glorietta 2. Remnants of a tragedy.
Last Sunday, I did not report for OJT because I decided to rest plus everybody in the house is out, so I became the house sitter. I read this book that i bought 4 weeks ago but I'm nowhere near finishing it because I did not have the time and energy the fast few weeks to finish it.
On Monday, was OJT Day 5 and I was solo flight because ghie and christian did some thesis work. In my fifth day, I've observed a pattern already in the showbiz section of the dailies, there is always a Marian Rivera article. There is also one story printed in People's Tonight that got me, 15, 000 people flocked Luneta because of a rumor that some group will hand out 100 thousand each as "aginaldo". A lolo even died with his last words as "Niloko kami". Tragic.
Yesterday, was Day 6 of OJT, early afternoon there was a tension beause there was a smoke, so we thought that there could be a fire. It turns out the floor below had some construction going on. The incident was funny because one employee remarked "Naku baka delaying tactic yan". That day was the release of the 13th month pay, go figure. Anyways, that day we were given a table for us interns, previously we sit on the tables of proofreaders who were absent or had their day off but yesterday for the first time, all of them were present so we have no space but the proofreaders were sweet and went out of their way to help us have a spot and they did it very quick. They are so nice. I made a mental note to give some token of appreciation to them when I wrap my stint with them.
That night, I chatted with some classmates and found out some sad news.
I wont expound it as of the moment.
Today, as I've said earlier I did not had my OJT becuase I love HF hehe. It was a busy day that I have to take the work home. But I am not complaining.

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