Saturday, December 15, 2007

Summer in December?

The weather is HOT!
The sun shines like it is April or May.
The weather is weird, last week it was cold but why a sudden change?
Cold weather come back.


Last night I had a meaningful conversation through SMS with a high school friend. It actually started with his ranting over Globe's decision to not have Unlimited texting service anymore [he called the customer service and it is confirmed, sad news for us. Sulitext na lang starting next year.] Anyways, from there it went on to our college life, plans after graduation, his lovelife, nursing and call centers and some high school days reminiscing. It is good to see that I was able to reconnect to an old friend. Because when I started college, I lost contact with my RCCS friends. Last night reminded that I should never forget my past. What happened molded me to what I am now and will I be in the future.


Yesterday, was my grandmother's birthday. Her first birthday "up there". I miss you Mama Eyang and Happy Birthday.


Nagi said...

yeah, it was like summer. i was at dlsu-d last saturday and felt it

Anonymous said...

so kelan ko naman makukuha ang copy ng pics mu. nako, watch out tayo sa summer, it feels like winter na by that time.

PS: glad to hear that reunited in a way ka with yer hs friend. High School is the best. =)

forg said...

cmc: for me college is the best hehe