Sunday, November 08, 2009

The Inevitable 'How Time Flies'

I'm now on my 5th month on my 3rd job and I'm doing good so far. My contract is until December 31 and next year I will find out if I will be a regular employee already. I'm confident to say I have a good shot of being a regular employee, I'm never late, I submit my scripts on time and as for the quality of work, it's above average base from the feedback I've received, there is still room for improvement but its not disastrous. I'm happy to say I found my groove on this job, something I did not find on my first two jobs. If I will be a regular employee, I believe this will be a steady job for me. So crossing my fingers. Writing scripts for dubbing is something I really enjoy. Yes, I still have my ultimate career goals but I got to start somewhere and this is a good starting point.


My nephew is growing so fast and I love seeing him grow. I babysit on Sundays and it's hard job, it's physically exhausting but fulfilling especially whenever I see him laugh and smile. I'm glad he is a healthy boy unlike me when I was his age.


2009 is almost coming to an end and it was very challenging year for me, it started really difficult but at least I'm fairly happy now. I'm still a bit amazed how time flies, this decade is about to wrap up! I'm an adult now! Everything is changing. It's scary I admit, sometimes I still wish I was a student, looking back, despite the school stress, life is more simpler back then. As a 22 year old working person now, I'm already thinking about the future unlike before that there is a definite end in every school year, all your hardship for a school year will be culminated in a few months time. Now, it's so different. I'm already thinking of how my life should by the time I'm 25. But I'm taking one step at a time, no need to freak out this early. Just have the faith that everything will be fine as long as you have a goal.

Good luck to me!

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