Friday, November 27, 2009

First Time

Today I receive my first ever Christmas bonus! It's not that much since I've been just in the company for five months but nevertheless I really felt to receive it. I was planning to share a portion it to my parents but they said I could keep it, well, I just shared a portion to my one-year old nephew of course through her mother, my sister, she will deposit it on my nephew's bank account. I also gave a portion to my cousin who has been living with us for the past 6 months taking care of my nephew and helping my mother with household chorse and sometimes my sister with her business. She was a great help to us and this my way to show my thanks. What will I do with the remaining money? A portion is already saved for my bank account and with what's left I'm planning to buy an MP4 player, not a flashy brand though 'coz I can't afford that. What's weird is that the MP4 Player I'm planning is actually for the purposes of my radio listening haha. Well, that player could record FM radio and well since I cover music charts and all, it would be a big help haha. I know radio geek still
Anyway, thank you Lord for the blessings. It really felt because as I've said before among the three jobs I had this one is the one I felt I was at home and well, useful and productive :)

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