Monday, November 02, 2009

Thank You Sir R.S

" Sir RS passed away on NOV 1 at about 2:30pm .. his remains will be available for viewing from NOV 4, 8am to NOV 6 8am at St. Peter's chapel-Genesis 3rd floor.(in bet pegasus & mitsubishi). Cremation will follow after d 7am mass on NOV6.."

I received this text message earlier today and I was shocked.Dr. Ricardo Santiagpo fondly called as Sir RS passed away. Sir RS was my professor in Ethics in college and he is a great professor. He has the reputation of being a terror prof, well he actually he is, but he is not the type of terror prof that does it to scare students or to impose authority. He is scary but you will really respect his teaching skills and wisdom. He does it for a reason. His teaching method is not conventional. His classes are not strictly mandated by syllabus and such but what he believes we should learn on our pace. He is the type of professor that you will have fun listening to. Yes, he joke a lot but underneath the jokes you'll discover the wisdom on it.

I feel privileged to be one of his students and he is surely a great loss at DLSU-D. Wherever you are Sir RS THANK YOU!

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