Sunday, December 07, 2008

The One with Pacquaio's Win, PC problems and Friends

I admit although I don't like Pacquiao anymore ever since he ran for Congressman last year, I was really happy when he won his bout with Oscar Dela Hoya earlier today. But when some politicians climbed the ring to congratulate I got so annoyed then Pacquiao thank all those politicians who were present there. Oh well, I will not be surprised if he will run again in the 2010 elections and no matter what he says that his intentions is to help the poor I will still not be in favor of him running.



Those letters that are malfunctioning in my laptop. Pahirapan ang pag type. Sometimes when if those letters won't really appear I resort to copy and pasting those letter, what a hassle really. Sometimes, I really need to press those letters hard, as in I exert so much pressure just to let those letters appear on screen. Bummer.

And well my Internet connection went kaput again for three days. It was so frustrating we were also on break in the office last Thursday and Friday so I really had no connection in the Internet. And the Internet is now really a big part of my life so it really frustrates me I have no connection. I feel incomplete haha.


I know I'm way too late, but I'm now officially a fan of the TV show FRIENDS. I was just a casual viewer back then when it was aired in ABC 5 and I just watched it when there is nothing on that I like. But now I'm really so in love with the show. It started when I bought the VCD box set of season 3 which was on sale and I got hooked ever since and I now understand why this show is such a phenomenon. The chemistry of the cast is so amazing. My favorite characters are Phoebe and Chandler. Lately I also bough the VCD boxsets of seasons 4 and 6 (also on sale). Well I plan to buy all VCD box set of every season that I could find but since I think they are already phased out I guess it will be hard for me to complete all VCD boxsets so for the seasons I missed I will just buy the DVD (which prices are also slashed but the VCD boxset is stil cheaper therefore I could buy more haha). By the way, my blog title today is inspired from Friends since, with the excpetion of the pilot and the series finale, all of their episode titles stats with "The One..."

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