Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Most Difficult "Job"

Today is the baptism of my nephew, John Kenneth Rodrigo Asombrado-Cruz. John Rod is almost 4 months old and he is really adorable. The baptism was a bit chaotic though since it was a mass baptism sort of. And the priest did a past faced ceremony, blink and you'll miss a lot. I was tasked to do the video coverage good thing though I was able to capture the best moments. We had few pictures because of the fast paced nature of the ceremony. Good thing we have a video. Sometimes, I wished we had video camera back in the day. Our baby pictures are almost non existent because they were burned when we suffered fire in Manila, where we used to live. I have picture of my baptism and what's great is that we were complete there. Anyway, I'm glad we have the access on these stuff, I'll have the video transferred to vcd and dvd so we could preserve it in years to come. Having my nephew I really realized how hard it is to raise a child, and it even made me feel guilty during the times I was mischievous son because taking care of a healthy baby is hard what more a sickly baby like me? I know understand why they were so protective of me when I was growing up, I was a very fragile child. Hats off to my parents! I'm proud to say I grew up to be a good guy haha they raised me well. Hopefully, someday when I will be a parent, I will be a good one too.

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