Monday, December 08, 2008

Must See Movie: 100

I really love this film, so pardon me because my mind is so scattered with raves for this movie so this wont be your typical review, therefore hindi maayos structure nito hehe but anyway basically what I am trying to say is WATCH THIS MAGNIFICENT MOVIE!

Plot Summary:

'100' chronicles the last three months of a cancer stricken woman who has a list of things to do before she dies. Her list of tasks, mostly closures and practical undertakings, expands to the worldly and the spiritual as people close to her share her last days. The film examines the betrayal of the body, celebrates the senses and contemplates the end of life and how to live it
Why I Love It:

* This movie is not just about death it is about the celebration of life. To say that this movie is touching is an understatement. After watching this movie I bet you would also think about where your life is heading. I maybe overreacting but hey this movie is really a gem, the way it handled the subject of facing death is both heartwarming and heartbreaking. To paint a picture, you will see your self laughing even though the scene is really breaking your heart. Even if the subject of the movie which is facing death, it could still leave you with a smile in your face.

* This is not a melodrama. There are many funny moments in the movie. I know some people perceive most indie movies are hard to understand due to off beat story telling ways or use of metaphors and symbols but this movie isn't but it will definitely not insult your intelligence also.

* The performance of the actors notably Mylene Dizon. I know Mylene is really a good actress but in this movie I saw her in a different light, she was really perfect for the character. She nailed it! You would really see her, you would feel what she is feeling. Her performance alone is worth watching and she did it effortlessly. But I am not discounting Eugene Domingo and TessieTomas who both delivered solid performances.

Where Could We Watch It?

This is a limited release so far,but hopefully it will reach a wider release once there would be a demand, so that's why I'm posting this to spread the word. This movie should be watch by a lot of people. Anyway, watch the film on the following cinemas (source: :

Glorietta 4 Cinema 4 Makati City
Padre Faura Cinema 1 Manila
Robinsons Galleria Cinema 9 Pasig City
SM City North Edsa Cinema 7 Quezon City
SM Megamall Cinema 8 Mandaluyong City

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Mylene is really hot.