Friday, December 19, 2008


Philippine Music Charts Thread at (PEx) is now on its 4th thread. The reason why there are "parts" is because threads over at PEx are regulated to have 5,000 posts only. Anyway, I could not believe that this little online project I started actually stayed this long. Well ,this thread was born due to the 2007 Yearend charts thread I started and I met some other chart aficionados like me and that started everything. I really manage this thread seriously kinareer ba? wahaha. I met a lot of online friends through this endeavor. And this year , amy chart geekiness went into full swing as evident in this blog (The Twenty Tunes and Chart Recap posts are now staples). I love music charts since I was a child and I really thought back then I was weird so I keep this passion to myself but last year I discovered I was not alone haha. You don't know how I really love doing this stuff. It's not your usual hobby but this, chart monitoring, is really fun for me. Sometimes I wish we have our own local version of Billboard, I will surely do all means to have a career there haha. But having this thread is the next best thing.

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