Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ultimate Countdown

This week, I finally bought Fred Bronson's Billboard Hottest Hot 100 Hits 4th edition. Bronson is a chart expert and columnist of and last February my e-mail to him was published on the Chart Beat Chat portion of (read it here). Anyway, I've been planning to buy his book for a long time already but it's a bit expensive and it's hard to find actually in our local bookstores. After some extra cash I saved from my salary, I finally bought the book last Monday. It's the second most expensive book I bought next to Harry Potter Book 7 hehe. I really enjoyed the book, it contains several lists, top 100 songs of an artist , a label, a year, decade, nationality and some "special" stuff like top 100 songs about colors and places. Plus the top 5, 000 songs of Billboard of all time, oh well at least until February 2007., the cut off perido for the book. The ranking is just based on chart performance, there are assigned points for every rank and they tallied all charts from 1955 until February 2007. What a tedious work right? But how I wish I could be involved in that kind of project as well haha. Anyway, the #1 for the top 5,000 was Smooth by Santana feat Rob Thomas.
Over time, I will share some stuff lifted from the book. This book is definitely a collector's item especially for people like me who have an unusual fondness for music charts. Maybe in five to ten years a new edition will be released and for sure I willl buy:D

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