Saturday, November 22, 2008


I visited DLSU-D today, first time in almost six months. It really felt nostalgic once I entered the campus. I was there to claim my Alumni ID. In the Alumni office, two former classmates were also there, I was really happy to see them. I wish I saw more though so it could be like a mini reunion for our block.
After getting my ID, I went to the office of Heraldo Filipino. Sadly, no one was there. So I just went home.
As I walk, I was really nostalgic, this place has been my home for four years. The best years of my young life were spent here. Even if I did not set foot there for almost six months, I still felt at home. I was thinking earlier on while commuting that it would feel strange when I get there but it did not. There are major changes in the infrastructure but it was still the same atmosphere that made me feel comfortable.
But my time there is over and I need to move on already.
I hope someday, I could find a place where I could feel at home like what I felt with DLSU-D.

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