Sunday, November 30, 2008

Back to Square One

Tomorrow is a non-working holiday to commemorate Bonifacio day which is today. Yes, only in the Philippines that we do have this "holiday economics" were we adjust "non-working" holidays to fit in for a long weekend haha. However, I will not be the one who will "benefit" because I have work tomorrow because of an urgent project we have in the office. The good side though is that we will not have work on Friday to make up for us going to work tomorrow (plus our bosses will have a trip abroad this coming weekend). But actually today I submitted my resignation letter or a letter of non-interest of a contract renewal since I will leave the company after my contract ends this December 8. So I just have five days left with my first job. Kind of sad but I have to set my sentimentality aside and be practical. I do have two pending job applications which I think I have good chances of getting in but nothing is sure yet so I would not hold my breath just yet. The risk of being a bum again is a bit bothering me but hey this is the risk I'm willing to take.

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