Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Start of the End

Tomorrow is the start of the second semester. I only have four subjects left plus OJT and thesis defense. Only a few months left before I graduate. I will make the most out of it. This will be a nerve wracking semester. I just hope come tomorrow we will have schedule for thesis defense already or notice if we need a draft 3. The waiting is killing me. I want to move on with my 2nd sem subjects already. But the past [aka thesis] is still haunting us.
I have not made any move regarding my OJT, the semestral break for me was so busy with HF duties and thesis revision. Plus, our department will have an orientation first, but they did not announce when? Hopefully tomorrow, everything will be cleared to us already.
The final semester and for the nth time how time flies...

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Anonymous said...

aw. lapit na kuya. konti nalang! haha.