Sunday, November 04, 2007

Pathetic Drama

I love my family, but I just could not stand what's happening right now. I'm irked with my older siblings, for pete's sake they are now in their late 20s but they haven't matured. Yes, they have jobs but I still feel nothing have changed, my brother's salary for example is manage by mother, could not blame my mother though since my brother does not handle money properly. But then again my brother should prove to my parents he could do it, he could be independent. But I guess he is not ready yet. But when will he be ready? My sister, our eldest, lately I'm annoyed with her. I salute her hardwork and her being madiskarte but lately she is acting like a brat. Right now there is a drama in the house because of her. She got tampo with Tatay because Tatay was cold to her earlier in the morning, Tatay's reason is valid, he asked something from my sister but she did not do it. I also understand that Tatay is sometimes annoying when is angry to us because he does not scold us or confront us personally but instead he would text us very hurtful words. I experienced that too, but I don't make a scene thus creating a bigger problem. That is what my sister is doing right now. What a drama queen! She should act her age. Add to that Nanay's nagging who does not help because she would just find people to blame. She is worried, i know and she releases that through nagging even if her sermons does not make any sense.
I'm so annoyed right now!I'm sorry if I am releasing it through this. I just want to let it is out!


The Imperious Dork said...

hmmmm... we share the same situation here... hahaha... but what the heck. medyo nai-immune na ako sa mga ganyan... pero mahirap nga ang lagay mo... -_-

forg said...

things are okay na gerard. ganyan naman lagi dito sa bahay, madaling humup ang drama mainly because hindi na sya pinag uusapan kinabukasan..

pero I still things will somehow change for my siblings