Friday, November 09, 2007


We had our OJT orientation earlier today. And well reality kick in for me. We have to complete 200 hours. And well we could start in two to three weeks, there are just documents needed to be taken care of. Well, as expected, I'm nervous and excited. Worried because on how I will be able to manage and cope this sem, 2nd sem is fast paced compared to the first sem, so there is a limited time for so many things to do. I'm talking about HF stuff, this sem there 2 contests we will organize, 3 more issues of the broadsheet, 1 issue each for LS,Just Play, Alipato,Palad and Decreto. All should be finished and released within this sem.
Oh and There is still the nerve wracking thesis saga. And I'm kinda guilty because this week I'm not being productive. Must get back to work mode.There is no more room for "pa easy easy" lifestyle.

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