Saturday, November 10, 2007

Four Reasons Why I am Happy Today

  • After weeks of delay the second issue of Heraldo Filipino was released today [see entry below].
  • I received my HF evaluation and I'm pleased with the outcome. Thank you team 22 for the trust and the kind words you've written in the comments. I will strive even more in performing my responsibility.
  • The second draft of our thesis was also released today and it only had a few stuff for us to fix. Sir Artin added that if our thesis adviser is satisfied with the third draft, we could now be scheduled for defense. And I believe we are nearing closer since before we submitted our draft 2, our thesis adviser told us that our thesis is already okay. I'm nervous for the defense but I could not wait any longer. Wish us luck.
  • So far I love my subjects this sem because we have the two of the best professors in DLSU-D teaching us. Sir Roel Ramirez, APR for Cross Cultural Communication and Dr. Ricardo "RS" Santiago for Professional Ethics in Media. They are the type of professors that really challenges the students to be the best that they can be. I'm so looking forward attending their classes


pat3ck said...

That's nice to hear, forg. Don't just be happy today, be happy everyday. ;)

What's your name, anyway?

Anonymous said...

naks. konti na lang kuya! go!