Friday, September 01, 2006

Grade School days rock

1. The greetings
"Good Morning Ms.____, Good morning classmates, nice to see you again, Maaaaaabuu-HAY!"
"Good morning _______, why are you late?"
"Good Morning Mam, Good Morning classmates, I'm sorry I'm late because_______"
"Good bye Mam, Goodbye classmate, see you to--mo-ROW!"

2. Notebook games
SOS (using math notebooks), "target shooting" sa notebook, guessing game ala wheel of fortune "do you have a letter "a"), FLAMES, PANTS (people, animals, names, things, arrgah I forgot what "s" stands for)

3. Nutrition Month

-parades and those production numbes by each grade level.In grade 3, I was an '"ice cream", astig costume ko nun. Cook fests, Nutri Jingle, Poster making contest, Essay writing contest (this really frustrated me because I always join but I never reach the top3)

4. Stage parents

-I believe that in grade school sucking up to the teachers are really predominant especially for parents. I remember one parent who gave big gifts to teachers during christmas parties. Parents who are so active in school programs, Parents who complain when their kids drop in the honor's list. Good thing my parents are not like them.

5. Field Demonstration/ Rhythmic Aerobics

-The contest where teachers gave their heart out to teach their pupils steps that will make them win. Hmmm.. my favorite was in grade 2, we used pompoms and our music was Total Eclipse of My Heart, we won and we were so colourful. I also like what we did in grade 5, we used sticks and the music is 'Tie a Yellow Ribbon".

6. Christmas Parties

-Kris Kringle, I love it, I'm always excited to see what will I get for 'something long, red, sweet" etc... Malas lang pag laging absent yung nakabunot sa iyo. Christmas games, in grade 5 I won at the Stop Dance contest, haha. In grade 3, ang nakabunot sa akin yung MAPE teacher ko, yung nabunot ko naman yung Adviser ko,ang saya. Also, during Kris Kringle I first used"forg" as alias which until now I still use. Wow, during that time you could buy decent gifts for 50 pesos or less. Here were the gifts I received during the grade school Christmas parties:

Grade 1: 5 briefs (hahaha)
Grade 2: Chess
Grade 3: Snake and Ladders
Grade 4: Picture Frame
Grade 5: Superman Mug
Grade 6: Lamp

7. The Cartoons Chat

We form circles to talk about cartoons, especially afternoon anime. We would discuss what happened, what will happen, and more stuff. I remember during the time Fushigi Yugi was popular my classmates, the girls in particular, went gaga over Tamahome,as if he is a real person. Also, during the popularity of Pokemon, we would play games like "Anong pokemon yung no. 16", dati memorize ko yun hehehe.

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