Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I'm wearing red

Because it's my birthday, I'm 19 years old. I don't know when and where did it started but as long as I remember when you are wearing a red shirt, people will comment "Birthday mo?".

Last night I've read my diaries of the past years (I've started writing one on December 25, 2003) and I notice that my birthday entry will always have this words 'I'm growing old and I hate it". Well, I just cant believe that I'm growing old so fast. This is my last year of being a teenager and next year I'll be a "tweener",the transition stage from your teenage years to adulthood, your not a teen anymore but not yet adultl;in short, in between. I'm thinking of the future too early. I'm like that when I was 9, I was already looking forward on my 10th birthday coz I will be "in double digits' already. haaay... I'm 19 but I can't feel like one. When I was younger I always think that 19-year-old people are mature but now that I'm 19 I don't feel like that, I still feel like I'm 15 or worse, 12.

So how will I celebrate my birthday? Well, I just treat this like an ordinary day for sure Nanay will cook something delicious tonight. I never hold parties or treat my friends, I'm kuripot kasi hehehe.

My birthday wish? It may sound a cliche or showbiz but I wish for good health not just for me but for my family also.

Thank you to all who greeted me happy birthday yesterday and the days before, aga ah.!

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Anonymous said...

happy birthday!!!!!! i know im late but, happy birthday